Book Review Project, LA8

After reading your outside reading book (ORB), you have a book review assignment.  Follow the directions below and you can’t go wrong!

1. Review the book review format.  Here’s a link.

2. View the directions for the book review (specifically).

3. Create a new blank Google doc using your cusdschools account.  Name the file with this format: p1_firstname_lastname_book_review1_2013

4. Copy the formatting from this Google doc into your blank Google doc (to make it easier to complete your assignment).

5. Go to this page, add your name and title to the list, and make your book title into a link to your book review doc.

6. Complete your book review before 12/6.

7. Submit your paper to (using the account that we set up in class).  Once your “originality” score has processed, download your paper (with the originality score at the end) and print it out.  Submit that printout in class on 12/6/13.
Period One Class ID: 7107682
Period Two Class ID: 7107687

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