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 The Back Story

I was born October 9, 1971, at the old Kaiser Hospital in Santa Clara. I grew up locally, attending local sme_about_2chools, riding my bike to Central Park, hanging out at the Benton St. Seven-Eleven for Slurpees, going to Gme_about_4reat America during my teen years, and living with my mother and sister. I went to Santa Clara High School, and worked various jobs from the time that I was fifteen and a half. I have always worked and some people have labeled me a workaholic. However, the many long hours have paid my way through college and taught me many valuable lessons. I used my money to put gas into me_about_5my first car, a red pickup, and I managed to put forty thousand miles on that truck in three years. I even went across country.

I waited tables and managed a restaurant while I finished school at San Jose State. Of course, I took time for adventures being a leader at summer camps, rock climbing, sailing, camping, and other outdoor activities. I even dropped everything to move to Hawaii in ’96 for the entire year, and loved it. Eventually, “real life” called and I came home to finish my credential and become a teacher.

Finally, I got my BA in English, a Single Subject Credential in that subject, and started teaching. I got a job at the Harker Summer Camp and also found a position as a Fifth Grade English Teacher.


Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

After a few years, I made my way up to Summer Camp Program Director and worked with a great team of teachers during the school year. I learned a great deal. After eight years, I thought I’d try high school at

Pinewood in Los Altos, but quickly decided that opportunities lie in the public school system. Then Lawson Middle School became my home for a few years. I helped to create Lawson Middle School’s Color Clash spirit assemblies, which are still traditions to this day, and I frequently challenged myself with new things like helping to design Lawson’s electronic portfolio system.  In 2010, I finished my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and in the same year, I married a wonderful woman. I took a position as Assistant Principal at an elementary school for one year and then a middle school the year after that.

My contest-winning "Snape" costume.

My contest-winning “Snape” costume.

There were pros and cons to the administrative position, but in the end, my heart lies in the classroom, working to form strong bonds with students.  After seventeen years, I still get emails from students, some of them now old enough to have families of their own.  Here at Miller, I have helped to build a strong Drama program where we learn how to be brave and kind. Plus, I keep passing along the tricks of Language Arts as we dig into literature and write like professionals.  Feel free to connect with me any time!

1. To Kill a Mockingbird
2. Deathly Hallows
3. Poisonwood Bible
1. U2
2. Counting Crows
3. Coldplay
1. Big Bang Theory
2. The West Wing
3. Modern Family
1. French Fries
2. Pineapple
3. Gelato
4. Coffee
1. How to Train Your Dragon
2. The Matrix Movies
3. When Harry Met Sally
1. Watching Movies
2. Hiking/Camping
3. Rock Climbing
1. Rap of any kind
2. Peas
3. Dumb movies like Twilight
4. Black Licorice
5. Most music older than 1980
6. People who aren’t polite
7. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
8. Meat (I’m a vegetarian)
9. People who don’t care about the environment
10. Most “junkfood”

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