Library Poetry Contest. March 2014

Cupertino Public Library News

The library is accepting submissions for the Silicon Valley Reads Poetry Contest for middle and high school students in the Cupertino community.
The entry deadline for the contest is Monday, March 17, 2014, before midnight.

Grand Prize – $350 each
- 1 high school student(grades 9 – 12) – 1 middle school student (grades 6 – 8)
2nd Place Prize – $200 each
- 1 high school student(grades 9 – 12) – 1 middle school student (grades 6 – 8)

Write a poem using one of these three approaches:

1.  Write a poem about reading, writing, poetry, books and how one of these (or more) is made  new by the use of technology or in the age of technology.

2.  Write a poem using technology as part of the process. Use hyperlinks, video, photos or music as part of the poem’s form.

3.  Write a poem from the point of view of a piece of technology: a phone, a computer, a game, a robot, a television, etc. What does technology think about human nature?

Click this link for more information and official entry form:

Electronic entries can be submitted online via the links above.
Hardcopy entries can be submitted at the Cupertino Library’s 2nd floor Reference Desk.
All winners will receive their prize at the Silicon Valley Reads 2014 Closing Event on Sunday, March 30 at 1:30pm in the Cupertino Community Hall.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:
Matt Lorenzo
Acting Supervising Librarian, Adult & Teen Services
Cupertino Library
10800 Torre Ave.
Cupertino, CA 95014
Santa Clara County Library District
Phone: 408-446-1677

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