City of Bones

City of Bones Book Cover City of Bones
The Mortal Instruments
Cassandra Clare
Margaret K. McElderry
August 21, 2013

An ordinary girl named Clary suddenly faces this shocking truth in her life. She visits pandemonium, then sees this boy killing a person but no one else screams except for her. She meets the boy, Jace, and starts to figure out the unknown facts of her mother, Joycelin. She finds that she is part of what her mother is. Clary doesn’t want to face this truth, however she decides to accept this truth and move on.



This book, The City of Bones, has many different genres that apply to this book. It may apply to romance, adventure, mystery, horror, and many more. At first, Clary seems to hate the fact that her mother has many secret facts that were untold to Clary. Then when time is gone by, she realizes and understands how her mother might of felt keeping those secrets away from Clary. As the book goes on, more and more facts discovers with more adventurous and romantic situations occurs. This may suit the age of eleven or higher since it has many particular scenes that many not apply to the ages of ten or younger. I would rate this book ten.



1. What is the female main character’s name?

1a. Clary

2. When was the first time Clary saw the demon?

2a. Pandemonium

3. Whos is Jace, Isabelle, and Alec’s tutor?

3a. Hodge

4. How do Shadow hunters call humans?

4a. Mundane

5. Who told Jace and Clary that Clary has a block in her memories?

5a. Dorothea, her neighbor, who has a mother that is a warlock

godawful(pg. 48)

tawny(pg. 62)

decipher(pg. 65)

astounding(pg. 104)



6. Who came to see and go through her memories?

6a. Brother Jeremiah

7. Where did Brother Jeremiah come from?

7a. Silent City

8. Who do they think that took the Cup?

8a. Clarissa Fray’s mom, Joycelin

9. Who was Clary’s mom’s ex-husband?

9a. Valentine

10. What did they ride to go to silent city?

10a. Carriage that was transparent and can go over cars.

archivist(pg. 166)

rapier (pg. 170)

muggy (pg. 177)

lashed (pg. 231)

vials (pg.277)


11. What did Clary have in her pocket?

11a. the Cup

12. Describe the Cup.

12a. Cold, can’t warm the metal, rubies

13. What was Jace’s last name?

13a. Wayland

14. What struck Hodge?

14a. Werewolf

15. Her child’s name?

15a. Jonathan Christopher

stole(pg. 324)

tweed (pg. 328)

veiled (pg. 330)

swaths (pg. 344)

discretion (pg.364)