House of Night Series
P.C Cast, Kristin Cast
St. Martins
May 1, 2007

Zoey was a typical Cherokee human until a vampyre came and marked Zoey as another Vampyre. Zoey is devastated and is forced to leave her boyfriend, friends, and family. Although she is wistful about leaving her impaired life, her family and friends are fearful of her, and they treat Zoey as though she is an interloper. Zoey joins the vampyre school where all vampyre fledglings attend school. She meets Aphrodite, a parsimonious bully, and she instantly feels enmity toward the blond girl. She also meets a male vampyre named Eric, whom she finds extremely captivating. Much to her mitigation, she quickly finds a inviting, cute, and delightful roommate who introduces Zoey to more friends. When she started to get familiar with her lifestyle, her classmate, Elizabeth, died because her body could not administer being a vampyre. Later that night, she finds Elizabeth alive but with red eyes and pale skin. Elizabeth was about to attack until a orange cat came out and scared Elizabeth away. Zoey quickly found out that the cat wanted her to be it’s owner, and Zoey named the little cat Nala. Zoey finds the incident strange, but soon she forgets about is as other events bother her. Aphrodite has invited Zoey to join them, the Dark Sisters, but unexpectedly Zoey joins the Dark Sisters believing it would be an easy way to kill and ruin them from the inside. Zoey feels positive in her abilities, after all, she had guidance from the vampyre goddess, Nyx.


This book is a wonderful book written in a style that is meant for entertainment. I would not recommend this book for students that are looking for something that would help improve vocabulary or grammar. Although the book is interesting and keeps me wanting to read more, it has a limited vocabulary and the main conflict of the story is unclear. What also confuses me is that some mysteries of the book remained unsolved which greatly annoyed me. I do, however, like how Zoey goes from being an ordinary child, to being a strong independent young lady who beats the bullies. This book may have a interesting story, but some parts are inappropriate so ages 13-17 should be reading this book. This book deserves 6 stars out of 10.



1. Why would Nyx the Vampyre Goddess chose Zoey Redbird as her “eyes and ears”?

1a. Nyx the Vampyre Goddess chose Zoey Redbird as her “eyes and ears” because she had true Cherokee blood in her.

2. Why is Zoey Redbird so disappointed in her mom?

2a. Zoey Redbird is disappointed in her mom because her mom allowed herself to be controlled by Zoey’s step-father.

3. When Zoey became a vampyre what physical changes happened? What physical changes will happen to any vampire?

3a. When Zoey became a vampyre her skin turned pale and her eyes became bigger and more round. A vampyre will avoid sunlight, more powerful at night, need to drink blood. A vampyre would also become more strong and talented.

4. What was Zoey experiencing before she she met her grandmother?

4a. Her muscles ached, she had a headache, and she kept coughing.

5. Which animals are closest to vampyres?

5a. Cats are the animals closest to vampyres, humans used to kill them because they thought that cats infected people.


Revved (pg. 7 )

Batter (pg. 11)

Intermittent (pg. 11)

Hypnotically (pg. 16)

Sermon (pg. 22)


6. Out of the three electives Zoey could have chosen, which class did she choose?

6a. Out of the three electives Zoey could have picked, she picked Performing Arts Center.

7. What did Zoey see that made her spooked?

7a. She saw the corpse of Elizabeth moving. (with red eyes)

8. What had happened to Elizabeth?

8a. Because her body could not handle the “change” she died.

9. What is Elliott to the dark sisters?

9a. Elliott is a red-haired freckled boy who gives them blood, they call him the “refrigerator”.

10. What was something different that happened to Zoey at the full moon ritual?

10a. She had a sort of connection to the elements. Something that only a high-priestess can feel.


Newsies (pg. 119)

Interspersed (pg. 121)

Incense (pg. 141)

Infatuation (pg. 173)

Fortification (pg. 175)


11. Why are the Dark Sisters able to go outside to the human world?

11a. As long as they don’t cause any resolve to the humans they are allowed to go outside to do their rituals.

12. What is Zoey’s cats name?

12a. Zoey named her cat Nala.

13. Why didn’t Zoey automatically tell Neferet about her strange powers?

13a. Zoey was afraid that is was all in her head and that she might make a fool out of herself.

14. What is so special about Aphrodite?

14a. Aphrodite is able to see visions of people getting hurt.

15. Why does Heath keep going back to Zoey?

15a. Because she sucked his blood so now he has a pact with Zoey.

Reconnoitering (pg. 209)

Reprehensible (pg. 213)

Intuitive (pg. 213)

Equestrian (pg. 232)

Conspicuously (pg. 274)