Net Force, Breaking Point

Breaking Point Book Cover Breaking Point
Net Force
Tom Clancy
January 24, 2009

In the summer of 2011, Alex Michaels and his crew at Net Force, a part of the FBI that is responsible for taking care of problems on the internet, have come across what could be a world crisis. Dr. Patrick Morrison has discovered how to control people’s minds to create bloody massacres, and he now wishes to sell the knowledge to the Chinese. If the Chinese are told how to make it, they will use to cause death all over the world. Net Force is scrambling around trying to find and catch Morrison, but with the help of his hired bodyguard Ventura, Morrison is able to avoid the Net Force for now. To show the Chinese, Morrison tests the device in Portland, and causes a large amount of death. Since the attack was in the US, Net Force is more eager to catch him. They find Morrison at his lab in Alaska and send their field general, John Howard, and some Marshals to go collect him. Unfortunately, Morrison’s bodyguard Ventura is able to deceive them and get away with him. Morrison and the Chinese agree on a movie theater in California as the meeting place for the trade of information and money. During the meeting, they start shooting each other, and then Morrison dies. He had only one recording of the secret and only Ventura know where it is, but when Ventura leave to go pick it up, Net Force and the Chinese are out to get him.

I honestly did not dislike the book, but I also did not like the book. The book was not that interesting enough to make me want to read any other books in the series, but I did enjoy the story line and the plot. When I was reading the book, a weakness I found was that the author was telling the story, rather than giving me images of the events. In my opinion, the vocabulary in the book was advanced for my age. I think it was about high school and above level vocabulary. I think the target age group for this book is adults, because of its use of vocabulary and some of its content. If I could go back in time to choose a book, I would probably not choose this book again. If I would to recommend this book to anyone, I would suggest it to an adult. Out of ten stars, I would give this book seven stars.


1. How old is Old Zhang?
1a. Old Zhang is Ninety-four years old.
2. What did rangemaster add to John Howard’s Gun that made him shoot better?
2a. The rangemaster added a red dot scope onto Howard’s gun.
3. What does HAARP stand for?
3a. HAARP stands for High Altitude Auroral Research Project.
4. Where and when did John Howard and his family go for vacation?
4a. Howard’s family on Monday, June sixth was at Mammoth Cave in Kentucky.
5. Why does Jay think the Chinese could be the ones that have hacked into HAARP’s computer?
5a. Jay thinks this because the HAARP project suggests that mind control may be possible, and in two villages, everyone was killing each other for no reason.

pneumonia (pg. 5)
recumbent (pg. 7)
hiatus (pg. 52)
rivulet (pg. 69)
ambience (pg. 98)

6. For brain frequencies, what are the waves called that range from 0.5 to seven hertz?
6a. Delta waves range from 0.5 to seven hertz.
7.  What is the gun that Ventura let Morrison use mostly made of?
7a. The gun is mostly made of aluminum.
8. On June twelfth, who did the people who were trying to arrest Morrison claim they were?
8a. The people said they were from the US Marshals.
9. On the morning of June thirteenth, what did Ventura wse to blind the man he saw on the road?
9a. He used a flash grenade.
10. After the helicopter ride, what type of plane did Ventura take Morrison on?
10a. He took Morrison on the DC-3, or also known as the Dakota.

bivouac (pg. 141)
espionage (pg. 141)
malcontents (pg. 156)
locomotion (pg. 214)
gull (pg. 225)

11. When Morrison and Ventura are at the movie theater, how did Ventura make the regular workers leave?
11a. As the owner,  Ventura told gave the workers three days off with pay, and he told them that the theater was being used for a special training session for employees from another theater.
12. What was the tore that Jay was captured in called?
12a. Jay was captured in Fiscus Military Supply.
13. In the movie theater, where was Wu hiding his gun?
13a. Wu’s gun was hidden under his popcorn bucket.
14. Where does all of Ventura’s fake names come from?
14a. He chooses the names from Los Angeles freeways.
15. What kind of rental car did Michaels have to use from Rent-a-Beater?
15a. The only rental car they had left for Michaels to use was a six-year-old Datsun.

oxymoron (pg. 238)
mortgage (pg. 241)
innocuous (pg. 265)
psychedelic (pg. 278)
simpatico (pg. 306)