The Heroes of the Olympian – The Lost Hero

The Lost Hero Book Cover The Lost Hero
The Heroes of the Olympian
Rick Riordan
October 12, 2010

Jason Grace is confused when he wakes up on a bus with a girl holding his hand. He does not remember his girlfriend, Piper and he does not even remember his best friend, Leo. He does not remember anything except the name of his sister Thalia Grace. Jason has lost his memories. They were going to Grand Canyon with their Coach Hedge. They get attacked by some storm spirits that is when Annabeth Chase from Camp Half Blood, daughter of Athena rescues them and takes them to Camp Half Blood telling them that they are demigods half humans and half Gods. As soon as they reach Camp Half Blood Leo is claimed by his godly father Hepatitis, the God of fire and blacksmith. Piper is claimed by her godly mother Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty, but Jason is not claimed at Camp half blood as he was already claimed by Zeus, the eldest son of kronos and the God of lightning and sky. Jason, Piper, and Leo are sent on a quest to save Hera, the Goddess of family and marriage as she is locked in a jail and she also took Jason’s memory. If they fail the quest then Gea, the goddess of earth  and  her sons the Giants will over power the gods. Piper’s dad is kidnaped by one of the giants and Gea is invading her dreams telling her to betray her friends or she will kill her father.

The book starts from Jason has lost his memories. There is always a problem that stops them from proceeding and they have figure out how to get away with the problem. This keeps the reader’s attention and makes the reader wanting to read more. The way the story’s pattern is going, we can conclude that the heroes are going to win and there will be happy ending, but the story still continues with the second book. I would suggest this book to age around 11-14 because the author uses good word choice that is good for this age group. The author has written three series till now and i hope he will write more. I would rate this book 10 stars out of 10 because this book is full with thrill, suspense, and mystery.


1. Who is ventius?
1a. The ventius is Daylan.
2. What is the Prophecy?
2a.  Seven Half-bloods shall answer the call to storm or fire the world…(pg. 122)
3.Who is Tai Calida?
3a. She is Hera and Leo’ babysitter. (135)
4. Which cabin number is jason’s cabin in camp Half-blood?
4a. Cabin number 1 which is for children of Zeus. (161)
5. What is Piper’s weapon’s name?
5a. Piper’s weapon’s name is Katoptris.
Hallucinating.(pg. 27)
Jitters (pg. 147)
Frowning(pg. 162)

6. How could Piper speak French?
6a. She could speak french because she was a “ daughter of Aphrodite, so naturally [ she ] could  speak french”. ( pg. 216)                                                                                                                 7. What is Leo’s dragon’s name ?
7a. Fetus. ( pg. 220)
8. Why did Jason, Piper, And Leo go to Chicago?
8a. They went to Chicago because the had to capture the ventis and give it to the wind god so that they can find Hera’s location. (pg. 300)
9. Who is Medea ?
9a. Medea is the one of the most evil villains in Greek mythology, who helped the original Jason ( no Jason Grace) steal the golden fleece. ( pg. 309)
10. Where did they find Coach Hedge after the storm spirits took him away?
10a. They found him in Medea’ s place. ( pg. 320)
Stripus ( pg. 187)
Furled ( pg. 217)
Toggle ( pg. 265)
Shroud ( pg. 271)
Unnerved ( pg.277)

11. Who is Lycaon ?
11a. He is the king of wolves.  (377)
12. How were Arcadia’ sons were killed?
12a. They were killed by Zeus by a lighting bolt.
13. Why did Thalia run away from her mother?
13a. She ran away because she thought she did something with Jason when he was little and then he
was gone. ( pg. 391)
14. what is zeus’s name in roman form?
14a. Jupiter. (pg. 385)
15. Where is Percy Jackson?
15a. In the other demigod camp Camp Jupiter ( pg.553 )
Mutiny ( pg. 368 )
Lieutenant ( pg. 376 )
Shone ( pg. 398)
Orchestrated ( pg. 434)