Above World: Horizon

Above World: Horizon (book 3) Book Cover Above World: Horizon (book 3)
Above World
Jenn Reese
Fantasy, Dystopian, Science Fiction
April 8, 2014
400 pages

Aluna and Haku are Kampii who are on a journey with Cali, an Aviar, and Dash, an Equian. The four of them are from different splinters, but have united together against all odds to prevent a war from occurring at the hands of a man known as Karl Strand. After disguising themselves as Upgraders to join a kludge, they plan to use the band of Upgraders to pinpoint Karl Strand’s location. Despite their careful attempts to carry through with the plan, they eventually grow close to the kludge and unintentionally split up upon encountering the Silvae. Refusing to give up, Dash chooses to stay with the Upgrader kludge to search for his imprisoned fathers. Meanwhile, Cali has a losing war to handle at Skyfeather’s Landing, her Aviar home. Unfortunately, Aluna and Haku find problems of their own at their original starting point: the Coral Kampii, their colony. Too busy with their duties, they were unable to assist Dash and his kludge. Finally, Aluna, Haku, and Cali pain-stakingly fight through their individual problems and communicate through their comm devices to each other. Aluna and Haku agree to infiltrate Strand’s lair while Cali would bring in a rescue squad to help Dash. At first, nothing seem to be going right for either teams, until loyalty, teamwork, and close bonds prove to be the sole victor at the end of the battle.

REVIEW: Above World: Horizon (book three) by Jenn Reese


When I first started to read this book, I was worried that I would not remember anything from the previous two books. For a while, the beginning appeared a bit confusing; however, that eventually eased away when I was reminded of the past events at some points. This series is very unique and has held a special place in my heart for a long time. To add on, as soon as I started the story, I had instantly fell in love with the characters again. Aluna’s pride and bravery, Haku’s intellect and courage, Cali’s compassion and fierceness, and Dash’s honesty and determination. Horizon was extremely well-written, with superb vocabulary that was both advance and understandable throughout the story. In addition, there was never a moment where I felt bored or tired of the book.The intense action and description of the many, unique splinters help create a vibrant, clear picture in my mind. Horizon was a beautiful, dazzling book that taught about humanity’s mistakes and changes. However, my only complaint is that the ending was slightly rushed, and unsatisfying. Overall, I would rate Horizon nine out of ten stars.



1. Who did Haku made his shield for originally?
1a. Haku made the shield and gave it to Aluna, his best friend.
2. What does Haku use to disguise himself to join the kludge?
2a. Haku disguised himself by making a metal cheekbone out of tech.
3. What symbol does Zeelo say in her “cycling” that the Upgraders should mark?
3a. Zeelo’s mark is a flower painted red, something “delicate and sweet-smelling like her.”
4. How did Cali know about the existence of Silvae, one of the LegendaryTek secret splinters?
4a. Cali already knew because one of her Aviar teachers mentioned them once before.
5. What kind of relationship do Haku have with Cali?
5a. Though it is mentioned very little in what I’ve read through so far, Haku and Cali seem to have a thing for each other.

cacophony (p. 84)

pantomime (p. 89)

incessant (p. 109)

diaphanous (p. 116)

reveled (p. 116)


6. What are the names of Dash’s fathers who are imprisoned?
6a. Dash’s father’s names are Erke and Gan.
7. Which directions did Dash had to choose between and what for?
7a. The comm device is in the west, and the Equians are in the north.
8. Who is the person who was the first to harness waterfalls for their power? And for which division?
8a. Architect Stephanie discovered how to use waterfalls to power SkyTek.
9. What is the traditional response to the Aviars greeting?
9a. The traditional response is, “And warm grows my heart!”
10. What is one of the benefits that comes from the Upgrader scopes for Daphine?
10a. The scope tells whether a person is lying or not by reading heartbeats.

liberated (p. 175)

ragged (p. 192)

matrix [of dots…] (p. 227)

[workstation] interface (p. 228)

invalidate (p. 254)


11. What splinter is Winder inside? And created by who?
11a. Winder is in the Minotaur splinter, created by Strand for himself.
12. Who are the other Kampii members of Aluna’s family?
12a. The other members are Daphine, Aluna’s older sister, Pilipo and Ehu, her older brothers, and Elder Kapano, leaders of the Kampii colony.
13. Who is the leader of the Deepfell? And why do the Kampii hate them?
13a. The leader of the Deepfell is Prince Eekikee. The Kampii have been enemies with the Deepfell for generations.
14. What color did Haku’s eyes turn after wearing the contacts?
14a. Haku’s eyes turned orange after wearing the Datastreamers.
15. What form is Strand in when Aluna and Haku meet him in? 15a. Strand is in the form of a Hydra, a mythological creature with multiple heads.

schematics (p. 280)

racked [her brain…] (p. 286)

refraction (p. 287)

intervals (p. 342)

sinuous (p. 350)