An Abundance of Katherines

An Abundance of Katherines Book Cover An Abundance of Katherines
John Green
Penguin Young Readers Group
September 21, 2006

Colin, a child prodigy, has been dumped nineteen times by girls named Katherine. His most recent breakup is with the nineteenth Katherine, who he loved.  His best friend, Hassan, talks him into a road trip to get over K-19. They stop at a gas station and decide they would see the World’s Largest Wooden Crucifix. They go to the the gravestone of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Gutshot, Tennessee. They meet Lindsey, a Celebrity Living magazine lover, and she gives them a tour. Colin starts his Theorem, a graph that predicts how long a relationship would last. All of them go to Lindsey’s house to eat dinner. They stay for the night and Hollis gives them jobs. Colin and Hassan come up with a word to indicate that the subject is too personal which is “dingleberries.” Colin spends his day at home, and Lindsey and Hassan go out with Lindsey’s friends. Colin works on his Theorem to make it better and Hassan kisses Katrina, Lindsey’s friend. Colin and Lindsey go to Lindsey’s hiding spot and they have personal moment. They both like each other. Everyone goes hog hunting. Colin and Hassan get stung by many hornets and they find the Other Colin cheating on Lindsey with Katrina. Colin records TOC’s confession to them and plays it to Lindsey. Lindsey and TOC break up. The next day, Colin, Hassan and Lindsey interview an elderly woman called Mabel. Colin perfects his Theorem and Lindsey does not have a boyfriend.

When I first saw this book, I thought that it would be about Colin and Katherine 19. I thought John Green used great word choice. Some strengths of the book are a wide variety of words, plot and the character’s personality. Some weaknesses of the book are use of inappropriate language and it is kind of confusing. The age group I would recommend An Abundance of Katherines to is 9th grade and above because it uses profanity. John Green made a plot that would relate to many teens, but he also made differently. It did not relate to me much and I thought the characters are someone you would not meet in real life, especially Colin. I fell in love with Colin’s past and the irony of dating  Katherines. If I could go back in time, I would not choose this book again. Finally, I would this book 6 stars out of 10.


1. Why does Colin only date Katherines?
1a. He did not specifically choose to only date Katherines since the beginning, it happened.
2. Why does Colin try not to be social?
2a. He is afraid that no one will be his friend because he is a prodigy.
3. Why is Katherine 1 considered the Great One?
3a. Colin had a relationship with her for only three minutes.
4. How did Colin meet Katherine 1?
4a. Colin met Katherine 1 when Colin tutor’s family comes over for dinner. Katherine 1 is Colin’s tutor’s daughter.
5. Where did Hollis recognize Colin from?
5a. Hollis recognized Colin from KranialKidz, a game show that Colin had won.

albeit (3)
linguistic (15)
sphincter (23)
immaculate (25)
apathy (33)

6. Who calls in sick when Hollis goes to Memphis?
6a. Hassan does because he wants to stay in and sleep.
7.What is “Dingleberries” and when is it used?
7a. Dingleberries is a term that Colin and Hassan use. They use it to tell the other when the person has gotten to personal.
8. What phase of dumpee reaction to breakup is Colin in?8a. Colin is in the phase of longing for Katherine to call him.
9. What type of dialect do Lindsey and Zeke have?9a. They both have a southern dialect.
10. Why is Colin crying after K-19 hangs up the phone on him?
10a. Colin was crying because he was still in love with K-19, but K-19 did not want to speak to him.

relativism (87)
outcropping (89)
infinitium (109)
correlation (112)
vacuous (115)

11. Do Lindsey and Colin like each other?
11a. They do like each other, but Colin does not want to date until he finishes his Theorem. Lindsey already has a boyfriend.
12. When did Katrina and Hassan start to date?
12a. They were in TOC’s truck, playing Spin the Bottle, when they kissed.
13. Why did Lindsey break up with TOC?
13a. TOC is cheating on Lindsey with Katrina for more than two years.
14. Where did Lindsey find out that TOC was cheating on her?
14a. The graveyard with Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s grave.
15. What is Hollis hiding from Lindsey?
15a. Hollis is hiding that they do not have enough money and they have to sell land.

ambience (146)
curator (162)
evangelical (163)
obelisk (174)
morose (196)