Heist Society

Heist Society Book Cover Heist Society
A Heist Society Novel
Ally Carter
Young-adult fiction
Disney-Hyperion; Reprint edition
May 17, 2011

Katarina Bishop (Kat), a fifteen year is from a family who steals things. She enrolls in a prestigious boarding school, trying to escape her family’s ways, but is soon framed for a crime by her billionaire friend, Hale, resulting in her being kicked out of the school. Hale brings Kat to his family mansion in New York, where she is told her father, Bobby Bishop, is being blamed for stealing paintings from Arturo Taccone. In the middle of the night, Kat is given a plane ticket to Paris, and she flies away. She bumps into her dad, and he swears he did not steal the paintings. As she goes to find a cab, a mysterious voice belonging to Arturo Taccone tells Kat he will “take many pains” to get his paintings back. When Kat returns to Italy, she finds out Hale has recruited her cousin, Gabrielle. They go to  Arturo’s mansion, and without a plan, they try to break in.When they find out it is not possible, Kat introduces herself to the security camera. Taccone allows Kat inside, and after a quick chat, they arrive at a compromise. Kat will find the thief and Taccone gives her a disk filled with the footage. With this newly acquired information, Kat and her friends pursue the real thief.

When I first opened this book and started to read, I found it very difficult to understand what was happening. After rereading the pages a few more times, I started to understand what was going on in the story. As the book progressed, the location of the story often jumped around, forcing me to take time to fully digest what I had read. The author foreshadowed often, letting me be constantly interested in what happened next. I enjoyed how she wrote the book, because I could easily imagine myself in the main character’s, Kat’s, situation. I feel this book would be best read by students ages twelve to fifteen. It starts out slowly, but then starts to quickly jump around. If I went back in time, I would probably choose this book, because it seemed like it matched my age level well, and was a very enjoyable book to read. Overall, I would rate it eight out of ten stars.

1. Why was Katarina kicked out of school?
1a. She was framed of stealing personal property.
2. Who framed her?
2a. Her best friend, Hale, framed her.
3. What is one theory of how Katarina was given a spot in the school?
3a. Katarina’s dad was very rich. 4. How long does Katarina have to return the paintings?
4a. Katarina was given two weeks.
5. Who is the person that gave her two weeks?
5a. Arturo Taccone (the person whose paintings were stolen) gave her two weeks.

alumni (pg. 1)
allegedly (pg. 14)
heist (pg. 44)
inkling (pg. 74)
patented (pg. 83)

6. How many days are there until deadline when Katarina meets Mr. Stein?
6a. There are eight days.
7.What does Hale say when Katarina is shocked he’s never been to Henley?
7a. Hale replies, “Should alcoholics go to liquor stores?”
8. What are the names of the Bagshaw brothers?
8a. Their names are Simon and Gabrielle.
9. What is the Visily Romani known for?
9a. Visily Romani is known for robbing five banks in one night in 1932, and making it off with half the crown jewels from Russia in 1960.
10. Visily Romani is one of the whats?
10a. He is one of the Pseudonimas

scrutinizing (pg. 126)
docents (pg. 143)
teeter (pg. 144)
goonlike (pg. 146)
manila (pg. 150)

11.What did Katarina want most as she walked away from her father?
11a. Katarina wanted to go home.
12. What kind of phase is Hale’s mom going through?
12a. Hale’s mom is going through a feline phase.
13. How did Felix hurt his legs?
13a. Alligators hurt Felix’s legs.
14. Where is Katarina at three days before deadline?
14a. Katarina is at Wyndham Manor England.
15. Are the paintings in good condition when they are returned?
15a. They are in good condition.

executive (pg. 179)
cryptic (pg. 197)
indifference (pg. 181)
furnace (pg. 196)
pristine (pg. 273)