The Throne of Glass

The Throne of Glass Book Cover The Throne of Glass
Throne of Glass series
Sarah J. Maas
Bloomsbury USA

Celaena Sardothien, one of the Arobynn’s Assassin, has joined the competition to become the King’s assassin. Arobynn Hamel is the “king of assassins” and feared throughout the world. She was sent to the salt mines, Endovier, a place where many criminals die from overworking and starvation, when she failed to accomplish a mission and betrayed by Arobynn. The prince, Dorian, figured that she shall compete to become the king’s assassin, and to get her to compromise, Dorian say she has to work for 3 years before she could earn her freedom. Hearing the word freedom, Celaena agreed to participate. She was taken to the palace located in Rifthold, and a captain of the guards, Choal Westfall, has to keep her under his supervision. Celaena decided that she would explore the room and realized that the tapestry hanging on the wall was blowing outward and soon enough, she found a secret passageway. Though she did not go into all of the rooms but the mellow damp feeling starts to scare her. She falls asleep on her bed but a mysterious force pulled her out and she walked down the steps to the room that she refrained from going. Inside the room, she meet the spirit of the first queen of Adarlan, Elena Haviliard, who warned of the evil stirring and would cross into the mortal world, and she wants her to stop them.

The book has many suspense and this allows the reader to wonder what happens next. Though some parts are confusing and jumps from one idea to the next, if the reader was able to read it again, they would be able to convey the thoughts and conflict from the characters. The author used many discriptive language and strong vocabulary that flows along with the story and creates a vivid imagery that engrosses you into the story the more you read. The author characters personnalities through thoughts and actions. I would recommend this to middle school students and older since the vocabulary used were vast and some students would not be able to understand the plot of the story. I would rate this 8 out of 10.

1. Why did the prince excused the assassin when she did not bow and apologized to her when the duke slammed the ground?
1a. He needed the assassin to become his champion, who competes in a tournament. If the champion wins he/she will become the “King’s right hand sword in a world brimming with enemies”(68). Thus the prince would have to make the assassin an agreement, or all the risks he took to get her would have been a waste. (6)
2. How can Celaena, the assassin, speak in Eyllwe to the princess, Nehemia, when the country she lived now spoke a different language?
2a. Celaena was able to speak Eyllwe because the country she was born in taught Eyllwe as their native language, but she had to keep her identity a secret so she said that she had an Eyllwe tutor. (97)
3. Why did the champion try to escape, but was shot the second reached the door?
3a. The assassin realized that the fallen champion thought that he had no chance of winning, and rather die than go back to the place he came from. Celaena sent him a silent prayer, and she knew that “dying—rather than playing the king’s game—was the only choice left to him”(123)
4. Why was Nehemia associated with the rebels?
4a. Nehemia was associated with the rebels since the King was trying his best to claim and conquer every piece of land that he could find, and Nehemia saw innocent, and her own, people killed and tortured everyday, hence the princess decided that rebelling was a better choice than seeing many of people die. (142)
5. Why did the assassin save Nox, another competitor who was falling down the building?
5a. She was not sure why she saved him, but she trusted him and thought he would make a great ally and friend. (153)


6. How does Cain know whom Lilian, Celaena, really is, and where she came from?
6a. His sponsor, Duke Perrington, is an evil man who works for the king and wants his champion to get the advantage. (202)
7. Why can’t Celaena participate in the Samhuinn?
7a. She is a more vicious assassin and is disliked by the king; therefore she is not welcomed to enjoy the day of the dead. (161)
8. How did Celaena able to find the hidden door behind the tapestry?
8a. She could see the tapestry flowing outward not to the side, and the windows were closed. (172)
9. Why did the first queen of Adarlan asked Celaena to become the champion and assassinate the king no matter the circumstance?
9a. She wants Celaena to stop the gargoyles from ripping the portal open to different worlds that allows the king to control the dangerous, ancient monsters and animals that lurk inside. (186)
10. What was the name of the first champion that was murdered?
10a. Eye eater (an assassin) (221)

Tome (205)
Virile (218)
Chevaliers (193)
Debauchery (162)
Revelry (176)

11. Who taunted Celaena and lost against her?
11a. Verin (217)
12. Why did Celaena think that the murdered bodies are in a pattern?
12a. Celaena noticed how each body had a Wyrdmarks etched by a person with their own blood, on the wall, and all of them were the same. The person had to take time to summon a monster since there was deep claw marks on the stone ground. (226)
13. Why did Pelor, the poison specialist, help tell which poison is the most deadly for Celaena, even if they never talked? (238)
13a. Pelor helped her since they were often bullied by Cain, a champion, and outsiders help each other. Elena also warned her that she can find answers when she look to her right.
14. Why was the rebels, or Princess Nehemia’s citizens, were all killed by King Adarlan’s army?
14a. The rebels were held as prisoners, but some of them tried to escape then were all beheaded including the children (251)
15. Why did Kaitlin drugged Celaena with Bloodbane before the final battle with Cain?
15a. She want Celaena to lose because she notice how the prince seems interested in Celaena, and Kaitlyn says that she would be the only one to take the throne. (352)

Reprimand (217)
Converse (245)
Opium (247)
Magnanimous (257)
Pretentious (323)