I Am Number Four

I am Number Four Book Cover I am Number Four
Lorien Legacies
Pittacus Lore
Science Fiction
July 26th, 2010

John Smith, a 16 year old boy, was not an actual human boy. He and his cêpan Henri, were from the planet Lorien to escape the Mogadorians who were trying to hunt down John and eight others spread throughout Earth. John was one of the nine to escape Lorien when the Mogadorians attacked it. To save their race the nine would have to survive from the Mogadorians and defeat them. The nine are all put under a charm which makes them invulnerable to the Mogadorians unless they were killed in order, this charm could be broken when any of nine are together in one spot. John is Number Four and as soon as Number Three was killed they moved straight to Ohio Paradise, to avoid getting spotted by the Mogadorians. At Ohio John attends a small high school. On his first day of school his legacies appear, which are powers that all Loriens get. John soon becomes good friends with a boy named Sam and tells him everything and the fact that he is an alien. He trains his legacies with Henri to become stronger. Soon, footage of John saving Sarah from a fire during a party, is put onto the internet revealing him to the Mogadorians. Henri tries to make John leave but he has come to love Paradise and wants to stay, disobeying Henri. Henri agrees to stay and fight. John has to overcome the Mogadorians and defeat them to save his own kind.

When I first picked this book up I had no idea what it was about, but when I read some of it I really enjoyed it. The vocabulary was not too hard and the plot was really good. I would recommend this book would be good for the ages middle school students overall, I say this because there are some strong language and it does not seem like a book for younger students, due to it’s explicit language. This books weakness might be that the book was a little simplistic for me and that the book lacked a little bit of vocabulary. The book was a little confusing in the beginning but then when i got the idea of the story it became a lot easier. The book was pretty much always interesting and never really had a big boring section which was great. Overall the book was enjoyable, and I would rate this book a eight out of ten.

1. Why does the Mogadorians want Earth?
1a. They want to make it their permanent home.
2. How does John react to Mark?
2a. He stands up to him even though he was told not to.
3. What is a legacy and what kind does John have?
3a. It is a special power the Loriens are granted, John is a Lumen.
4. Why do the Loriens stay away from each other?
4a.They stay away because when they get close the charm is broken and they are unprotected.
5. What does John think of when he learns about Sam’s theory?
5a. He is worried Sam is talking about the Mogadorians.

assimilate (pg. 6)
disheveled (pg. 61)
oblong (pg. 79)
ludicrous (pg. 102)
contingency (pg. 121)

6. Why does John get frustrated at Henri
6a. John get mad at Henri because hates and is tired of moving.
7. why does Mark have a grudge on John?
7a. Mark hates John because he beat him up and is going out with his ex-girlfriend.
8. What is Henri’s reaction when Sam tells him the story about Mogadorians?
8a. He is shocked and gets worried the Mogadorians are near.
9. Why does Sam avoid John?
9a. Sam is scared because he thinks John’s an alien.
10. Why does Sam wear his dad’s glasses?
10a. Sam wears his dad’s glasses because he wants to see the world the way that his dad did.

taut (pg. 136)
indentation (pg. 175)
ostensibly (pg. 194)
piqued (pg. 216)
meticulously (pg. 225)

11. Why did Six visit John even though she knew it would break the charm?
11a. Six tries to stop the Mogadorians because she know they will be stronger with two.
12. Why did Henri not tell John about his other legacies?
12a. Because he wanted John to know how to find it by himself incase he was gone.
13. What are John’s legacies?
13a. He is a Lumen and can talk to animals.
14. Why does Henri give into John?
14a. He knows how tired they both are from moving all the time and want to stop it.
15. Why does John let Sam go with him?
15a. He knows that is what he loves to do and wants to have a friend and he know he wants to find his missing dad.

vertigo (pg. 339)
writhes (pg. 361)
reeking (pg. 375)
mildew (pg. 375)
Manila (pg. 433)