The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Book Cover The Hunger Games
Catching Fire, Mocking Jay
Suzanne Collins
September 14, 2008

Katniss, the main character, wakes up in the day of the reaping. Her sister, Prim and her mother are sleeping. She lives at District 12 and the tributes of the Hunger Games is chosen. For the female tribute, Prim gets chosen so Katniss volunteers herself as tribute. The male tribute is Peeta and Katniss remembers how he gave her some bread when she was starving. Katniss and Peeta goes to the Capital and the game begins. She begins to run away like what Haymitch told her but she later sees Peeta with the Careers killing a person. She hides under a tree and a girl named Rue shows up and tells a bee nest on top of the tree so she drops it on the Careers. Then one of the Careers named Cato tries to kill her but gets stopped by Peeta. She meets Rue again and she joins Katniss. They go to the Careers secretly and destroy all their supplies. But Rue dies and Katniss covers her body with flowers. The next day, she goes out to find Peeta when the rule changes that two people from the same district can win and finds him injured badly during the fight with Cato. Katniss moves him into the cave and helps him recover. Then there is an announcement that there will be the supplies they need in Cornucopia so Katniss goes after she makes Peeta fall asleep. She sees Cato being chased by wolves which are the dead tributes who have turned into a monster. Cato gets killed and Peeta and Katniss thinks they won but they say it is only one person who can win. Katniss takes out the poisonous berries and both of them eat it until they stop them. Both of them became winners.





The strengths and weakness of the novel was that the book was really well written and grabs the readers mind. I do not think that there is any weaknesses that I can think of. The author used good word choice because there were some hard words that I did not know, but it was easy to understand because of the contest clues. The age group that will enjoy this novel is about 10- 15 years old about teenager levels. Some people would say this book may be a little violent but I thought it was pretty ok. If I would have gone back in time, I would have chosen this book again.It is very interesting and it is the right book for teenagers. I would give this book nine stars out of ten stars because it caught my attention and it interested me. Also it was easy to understand.



1. What does the main character, Katniss, say about her sister’s cat, Buttercup?
1a. She says that it is the world’s ugliest cat.
2. Who was the first mane to be drawn at the tribute?
2a. Prim
3. Why do you think Peeta gave her the breed when she was starving?
3a. I think it was because he had interest in her or Peeta is nice.
4. Do you think it was a good idea for Katniss to show off her ‘knife skills’?
4a. Yes because Haymitch was going to help her.
5. What was Haymitch’s first advice?
5a. It was whatever the stylists do to them, they shouldn’t resist.

vermin (3)
podium (18)
tesserae (34)
unitard (67)
satiny (98)


6. How does Katniss react when Peeta declares his love for her?
6a. She shoved him and cut his hands on the broken shards.
7. What does the canon sounds reperset?
7a. It represents the mark of death of a tribute.
8. How does Katniss react when she heard Peeta’s voice among the Careers?
8a. She is shocked.
9. Who is Rue?
9a. She is a District 11 girl who helped Katniss recover and become her ally.
10. How does Katniss destroy the supplies for Careers?
10a. She blows it off with the apple and the arrows.

catacombs (145)
reenactments (146)
serrated (151)
indulge (171)
hyperventilating (193)


11. How did Katniss find Peeta?
11a. He was lying on the ground, camouflaged in mud and his leg was badly cut.
12. What does Katniss put in the medicine?
12a. She puts a sleeping syrup in.
13. Why do you think Katniss said  that she wanted to go back and is tired of the game?
13a. She doesn’t want anyone to die and she is upset.
14. The people who win the Hunger Games go where?
14a. They go to the district called Victors Village.
15. How does she make both Katniss and Peeta win?
15a. She takes the poisonous berries from her pouch and they both eat it but the game leaders stop them.

incapacitated (249)
matted (254)
tethered (263)
fatalities (279)
emanating (281)